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8 Ways To Lose Fat And Stay Fit

Posted on: 05, Jan 2021

Obesity is a prevalent problem in the world. The excess fat in the body leads to a lot of health-related problems. Over the internet, you will find people talking about different ways to lose weight. Are they efficient? Yes! You will get lean by doing this.

But will you lose your fat? No! Weight loss and fat loss are two different terms, and people often get confused between the two. Fat loss is more specific than weight loss. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which you can reduce the fat content of your body.

Choose To Have Meals At Home.

Who doesn’t enjoy having meals here and there at popular food joints? But, you should know that extra calories come free with outside food. When we dine out, we tend to take in more calories than what we intake from meals prepared at home.

You should limit your restaurant outings and should choose to cook meals at home more often. Meals prepared at home usually are more nutritious and delicious. When cooking meals yourself, you can control calories by using fat-free food items. Also, make sure to have a healthy diet.

Try Doing Portion Control

You should check your diet; what you are eating and how much is your calorie intake. Every person has a different metabolism. Some people may be able to eat what they want and not gain any weight while others are cautious all the time and still gain weight.

You can effectively lose body fat by reducing your portions compared to what you used to have earlier. You can also use smaller plates and bowls for yourself to keep your portions in check.

Take Time Out for Healthy Habits

Like you should necessarily take time out to work out, you should also stop consuming alcohol and let go of your smoking habits. It would help if you also took out some time from your busy routine to go jogging. Alternatively, you can join Zumba classes, plan long walks with your pals in the evening, or play some outdoor games. These healthy habits will help you lose body fat to a great extent.

Set Goals

Many people take their health for granted and have a careless attitude toward their well-being. But that should not be the case. The presence of excess fat in the body leads to several diseases.

You should not make the mistake of ignoring your health. Remember that health is wealth.

Develop healthy eating and workout habits and stick to them. You can do this by not stopping at the Ice-Cream shop daily or having fast food.

You should choose to set expectations about what kind of lifestyle you wish to lead and work in that direction. Have futuristic goals and set boundaries to achieve them.

Healthy Diet Plans

You can choose to do intermittent fasting. In this, you need to follow a strict diet plan where you are not allowed to eat for 12 hours, and in the next 8 hours, you can eat as much as you want.

However, this diet plan requires a lot of self-constraint and determination. If you even break the diet plan by an hour, your entire hard work will go to waste, and you will not be able to see any results.

There are similar other diet plans like the Keto Diet Plan, which you can try out. However, consult your doctor before starting with any plan. Remember to eliminate the high G.I. carbs such as white rice, corn, and gram flour. Instead, try to consume low G.I. carbs such as wheat, brown rice, etc. It will help you to boost your metabolism and burn fat in fast way.

Try New Workouts

Once your body gets used to a workout, it stops rendering results for it. Hence, keep trying new workout forms. While exercising, remember to regularly do cardio exercises as they will help you steer clear of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Apart from going to the gym, you can also choose to do adventurous activities like hiking or skiing. These activities are quite fun and are also very helpful in shedding fat. Also, they will help you get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

You can also try indoor rock climbing or joining martial art classes held twice or thrice a week. You must choose to do activities that help you have fun and stay active at the same time.

Make a Habit of Going On Long Walks

A dog will prove to be very beneficial in keeping you fit. You will have to take it out on long walks almost daily, which will, in turn, help you stay in shape.

Make sure to install a step-tracking app on your smartphone. If possible, try to increase your step count daily. Make it a routine to go on walks after dinner or before breakfast. Even if you walk for 30 minutes daily, it will eventually add up to make a big difference to your fitness.

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Go Vegan

Non-vegetarian meals generally have more calories. Thus, you can choose to eat only vegan food. Instead of eating fish and chicken for protein, you can switch to tofu and soya beans.

They tend to have a higher calorie count as compared to their non-vegetarian counterparts. Plan your meals in such a way that you don’t end up putting up weight instead of losing it.


Get rid of those love handles by following the tips mentioned above. You will feel healthier and as a result, much happier.

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