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The importance of sex in a relationship

Posted on: 24, Apr 2020

The truth is that it is very dangerous to believe that sexual intercourse in a couple does not matter for the relationship to go smoothly and healthily. Sex with a loved one offers us that escape from the pressures of everyday life and gives us the opportunity to live and enjoy those unique intimate moments that we share with our life partners. Par exemple, une escort girl peut vous emmener vers les plus hauts sommets grâce à son expérience sexuelle.It gives us sensations that no other experience known to mankind, at least until now, can give us. It brings us closer to nothing else and makes us a pure and positive vulnerability at the same time, and even more so, if we know how to take advantage of those unique moments, the gain is huge.


What makes partners happier after intercourse is the elimination of substances from the brain. These make them feel carefree and most importantly, connected and in love. This can be seen in lovers from the very first moments of sexual intercourse. Regular sex strengthens a relationship and gives them greater chances in the long run. It is not the only thing that can do this, but it is among the most important.

And sometimes people make the mistake of forgetting that the main sexual organ is the brain and I think it is simply a physical act, without thinking that touching, kissing, caressing and any other gesture that creates mental comfort for your partner can be seen as being part of a fulfilled sex life, he is already heading towards a dull and unprepared life with the true joys of life. And sometimes you dream of sexual things that an escort girl could offer you.

Bad sex life can destroy a relationship so much that it can lead to quarrels, separation, divorce, etc. in a couple. In the absence of sex, a void is formed that the partners fill either with other relationships, or with drugs, or with alcohol, gambling, etc. In many cases, it happens that the partner uses the escort girl.

Continue to make love with passion

Sex passion is dead – this is the number one complaint in long-term relationships, people no longer make love, but worry about the hardships of their lives. It is crucial that two partners in a couple make sure to stay in close contact, physically speaking above all, as much as possible. It is ironic that women complain about the lack of foreplay in sex life and men about the lack of sex. There is a link between quality and quantity – if it was good for him, but not for her, most likely, she will not want to make love, at least for a while at least. Or not with him, with his partner, but she will seek passion in another relationship. Just like when one of the partners uses a luxury Manchester escort girl.

We are all different and we know that some people prefer sex frequently, others once a week or even less often, and from these differences, sooner or later, misunderstandings will arise in the couple. And the key is compromised, sometimes we will have sex even if we do not feel fully able, but we will do it for the happiness of our partner. And next time maybe it will be the other way around. Sometimes we will long for it and we will be left without it for various reasons, but it is important to find the middle way to go together. Sex is not enough to have an extraordinary relationship, it is by no means what defines it, but it is an extremely important part of it, perhaps the most important.

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