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Posted on: 02, Aug 2018

Being in London is going to be one of the best experiences of your life. There is so much to do and explore in this city that you can never have enough of it and to maximize your enjoyment in this majestic city; you must enjoy it in the company of a high-class London escort. These beautiful ladies are absolutely stunning and will just blow away your mind. Their dressing style, walking style, speaking style everything has a pleasant air about itself, which will make you fall in awe of her.

These elite London escorts are the just definition of the term “beauty with brains.” They are not only drop dead gorgeous but are extremely smart, intelligent and well educated, which makes you enjoy their company even more. They have been to numerous high society events and did ’s and are very well aware of how to behave in such a setting rather they can teach you a thing or two to you as well. Elite escorts in London are just the perfect companions that you could hope for. You must understand that if you have booked an appointment with her, it does not entitle you to have sex with her. You have paid for her companionship,but if it leads to something passionate, then nobody can come between two consenting adults.

When you are in the company of such a beautiful lady, it is essential that you understand her body language correctly, so that you can understand which way she is leaning to and when you need to take the lead to have a night full of lust and passion. Here are some tips to help you understand what her body is trying to tell you: –

If she is holding your hands

If she is holding your hand and your fingers are intertwined, then it is probably a good omen for you. Be a man, take the lead and pull her towards yourself and plan a soft kiss on her lips. If she reciprocates, then you are gonna get laid.

Read her eyes

Look into her eyes and try to read her feelings. There is a saying that eyes never lie, if she looks at you with passion and hunger, then be ready for a bumpy ride in the night.

Interpret her expressions

Try to gauge her feelings when she is talking to you. If she is smiling, laughing at your jokes or just winking at you naughtily. You are most certainly in for some action.

Which way is she leaning

If she is holding you close and leaning right into you and your body parts are brushing each other, then it is a green signal from her side.

Is she touching you naughtily

It could not be more apparent, if she is touching you naughtily and giving some signals, then don’t be a naïve child, she is not going to be more explicit than this.

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