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Posted on: 31, Mar 2017

One of my greatest worry when I was growing up was shall I become a male escort? Orphaned at age 21, I became restless on the direction my life would stir because as of then I had limited options on what I could become. I would have had a broader option if only I had put more effort into my studies but everything about school bored me. I could not imagine spending the rest of my life stuck to a classroom or lab doing some things I knew never excited me.  I was sure I could be many things but not an academic and the question, “shall I become a male escort?” kept coming strong on me.

The problem was that, before my father died in a fatal accident, he had always insisted that I should become an academic. The constant nudging made me to give it a consideration but after his death, I gave up the consideration. I moved in with a friend because the house was becoming too boring for me. The family psychologist also advised me to stay away from isolation because it was the breeding ground for depression. The friend I happen to be staying with was a male escort and I did not realize that he would be the one to finally calm the raging question in my heart, “Shall I become a male escort”.

My first stint with male escort was when I was in high school. There was this neighborhood I walk by on my way to school every day that was a renowned male escort territory. As a free minded inquisitive teenager, I soon became friend to a couple of the guys in the block. There was a day I engaged one of them in a long chitchat and along the line he looked at me, sternly but friendly and asked,

“Shall I become a male escort” he smiled when I did not answer before saying, “We would really miss you here if you are not.”

I did not know if he had read my mind to know that becoming a male escort was one of the many questions plaguing my mind. I smiled weakly at him and left. I think the spark was ignited that day but I was never bold enough to mention a word of it to my father because I knew how rigid he was when the matter related to career.  That was one of the many experiences I had with male escorts that encouraged me to become one.

As I continued to stay with my friend who was a male escort, the passion continued to grow. At that time, my finances had depleted remarkably and I needed to get something doing asap or I would go broke.  He came back one evening looking exhausted. We barely engaged each other in a conversation firstly because he came home very late in the night when I must have slept and left the house very early in the morning when I was still in bed or he would be very tired by the time he returned that we would chat a little before he was gone to slumber land.

That day I had made up my mind that we must talk no matter what happened. He arrived as usually looking worn out. I had made dinner plans already so I invited him to the dining table. He was pretty surprised but I knew it was impossible to eat and sleep at the same time. He tried to decline, saying he was not hungry but I insisted. My trick worked. As soon as we began to munch on the rice and vegetables, his face lit up and I knew that was my chance to get the information I needed.  This time, when I opened my mouth, the question was not “Shall I become a male escort” but “how can I become a male escort”.

He was a little bit startled, or rather, it was a mix or wonder and excitement that creamed his face. He began to tell me all the things I needed to know, one after the other and I gave him my undivided attention. When he was done, or so I thought, he to said,

“First things first, we need to brush up your look and speech.” The next day, the cascade of life changing event began.

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