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Posted on: 25, Jul 2018

My first piece of advice is a straight up and simple one. Keep your business legal. Wherever you are based, even if the sex business is completely legal, there will still be regulations that apply to all businesses. You may need permits or licenses, you might need to register a limited company (or the local equivalent) rather then being self employed or a sole trader. You will definitely need an accountant and to get yourself registered for tax. You are not Billy The Kid. You are not Walter White and you are not Al Capone. If they can put Al Capone in prison for tax devastation they can take you down too. And the more successful your business becomes, the more likely it is that you will be reported and / or investigated. Make sure your taxes get paid no matter what else you do.

So, you want to run an escort agency. Well, the first thing to do is to check out the competition and the best place to start is – as with most things – the internet. Start by keying in the most obvious search terms in your location. That will probably be something simple such as escorts Ibiza rather than “tall glamorous amazonian twenty four year old woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a dancers body and great taste in lingerie, in Mayfair” Most people – over ninety per cent – just search for variations on four terms; escort (location), escorts (location), (location) escort and (location) escorts. There will be other searches, such as the above but replacing escort with prostitute or call girl, but the first four will give you a good starting point.

The first page of the search engines is where you will eventually want to be, but for now just look at the competition. Is it escort agencies or escort directories and advertising sites? What are the prices? What are the girls like? If the first page is filled with escort directories and advertising sites, go on to page two and see what is going on there.

If you then read your competitors sites and the directory sites you might also find that there are niches you would not have thought of. For example, “escort London” is the Mount Everest of markets. But there is more than enough business in “escort Mayfair” or “escort Chelsea” to keep most people happy and prosperous.

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